Yonge and Sheppard Toronto Condos

The Yonge and Sheppard neighborhood of Toronto is an affluent neighborhood with condo prices in the higher end range of $300,000 and up. Residents love the area because of its diversity and beautiful scenery. The shops, schools and restaurants are all along the Yonge Street Corridor and only steps away from Subway access. 

The area is full of excellent shopping, especially in higher-end boutiques and specialty stores. The restaurants are plentiful and the food choices are simply astounding. People who live in the Yonge and Sheppard area enjoy a high quality of life and it shows. 

This is a family centered community, getting a reputation for diversity and culture in an area that wasn't always this way. The restaurants and services in the area reflect this reputation and people are moving to the area because of it's convenience to all things urban.

If you work in the downtown Toronto area, it is easy to get to work from Yonge Sheppard and many people who live in the area work in the financial and entertainment districts downtown. Condo prices are generally a bit lower than in midtown or downtown in this area, which allows most condo buyers to able to obtain larger condos. 

The people here are friendly and they know what they want out of life. They are driven to succeed and the residents in Yonge Sheppard work hard to get what they feel they deserve. It's a great neighborhood to live in and one of the most sought after in all of Toronto. The Urban skyrises make it feel like downtown but at much more affordable cost.

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