Painting your Home to Increase Value

Are you looking for something easy and inexpensive you can do to add value to your home before you list it for sale? Giving your home a fresh coat of paint will make it sell more quickly and, quite often, for a better price. This simple, yet effective, tip is well worth the time and effort.

Benefits of Painting

A fresh coat of paint makes your home look new and inviting. It covers the colors that may not appeal to buyers, scratches and dirt on the walls and other damage that has occurred over the years due to normal wear and tear. Giving your home a fresh look will increase its value.

Painting is quite affordable. You can paint your entire interior for less than $1,000, much less if you are frugal, and the home will show much better as a result.

Choose Neutral Colors

To make your new paint job as effective as possible, choose neutral colors. Neutrals will ensure that the people who walk into your home feel at home. If you love brilliant, bright colors, save them for your new house. Your current house needs to look like a showpiece or model home, and that requires neutrals.

Avoid the temptation to paint everything white, though. White is quite stark and may not draw in the buyers the way you need to sell quickly. If you are not sure about color choices, talk to an professional decorator.

Look Past the Walls

The walls are the obvious places to paint, but don't forget other areas of your home. Do you have dingy door that needs to be upgraded? Throw a coat of paint on it to make it look great. Does your home's exterior need to be refreshed? Paint it as well. Look at everything from the baseboards to the crown molding, and determine what needs to be painted. The added value and shorter time to sell makes it well worth the effort.