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The Hamilton neighborhood of Westdale came by its name in a rather peculiar way. In the 1920s, a local real estate agent decided to hold a contest to name the neighborhood. A local reverend won the contest and was awarded $200 for his suggestion of Westdale. The community sits near several beautiful cultural spots and parks and is quite close to Hamilton Harbour. 

McMaster University sits along the western border of Westdale and residents on the northern side of the community are right next door to the massive wetlands of Cootes Paradise, which sits along the very western edge of Lake Ontario and is managed by members of the Royal Botanical Gardens. 

One of the reasons why the streets wind so conveniently around Westdale in what seems to be a planned pattern is because the community was originally built for people associated with nearby McMaster University. In the last few decades, shopping and boutiques have made their way into the community so residents have access to grocery shopping that doesn't require a hefty trek across Hamilton. 

Westdale is an attractive neighborhood in Hamilton because of its location at the edge of Hamilton and near the spacious and peaceful farmland that stretches to the west and north of the city. Residents are just a few minutes away from many golf courses, which is terrific since golf is a popular sport in the region. Westdale is also just a short drive to Mississauga and Toronto, which means the community is convenient to most of the Greater Toronto Area. 

The beautiful and often historic homes of Westdale range from around $300,000 to almost $800,000 depending upon the condition of the home, its size, and its amenities. Cozy bungalows with a few bedrooms on a quiet street might sell for around $300,000 while a home with a little more room on the busier south side of Westdale might sell for closer to $400,000.

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