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Located in Ontario, Canada, The Glebe is a lovely little neighborhood that sits south of downtown Ottawa. The population in The Glebe is upward of 11,000. With strong ties and community association, The Glebe is a perfect place to move to if you like being actively involved with the happenings taking place in your community.

Since The Glebe boasts a large number of families, there is no denying that there are lots of children living here. If you happen to have your own family, The Glebe is a perfect place to move to.

You'll find some of the best shopping hot spots in The Glebe on Bank Street. From small stores to lovely restaurants, the shopping strip has something for everyone. If you like football, The Glebe has a lot to offer you, with one of the more noteworthy spots including the Frank Clair Stadium. There's also the great Ottawa Civic Centre located in The Glebe.

If you do decide to move to The Glebe, you'll need to know about the yearly Great Glebe Garage Sale. On the last Saturday of every May, this huge garage sell takes place, and those living in the community, if possible, are expected to take part. The garage sale attracts people from all around and stimulates growth to the community. The money earned through the garage sale is expected to be given to charity to further stimulate the local economy.

Some of the more notable local businesses and restaurants found in The Glebe include:

  • Canal Ritz
  • Taleam Systems
  • Corner Bar and Grill
  • The Arrow and the Loon
  • Elite Personal Training
  • Light of India
  • Fratelli
  • PetValu

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