Summerhill Toronto Real Estate

The Summerhill neighborhood is one of the more desirable neighborhoods near downtown Toronto. With beautiful parks, tree-lined streets and century old homes, this area is moderately affluent with housing prices starting in the $600,000 range and rising to over a million dollars. 

Close to many fine shops and restaurants, the neighborhood is an easy walk to excellent shopping and dining options. You don't have to travel far to find exactly what you are looking for in this neighborhood. 

The Rosehill Reservoir Park is a popular place for residents to hike, walk, swim and play during all four seasons. 

This is a beautiful area for families that can afford the higher housing prices. The park system is extensive and the schools are high-quality. When you want to live in an area that is more affluent, the Summerhill neighborhood should be an area where you look to see if you can find a home that is suitable for your needs. 

Toronto is full of activity, and the entertainment, fashion and financial districts are not far from the Summerhill neighborhood. Whether you take the subway or travel by car, getting to downtown is easy from the area and many residents work in one of the busy districts downtown. 

The feel of Summerhill is one of suburban style. The shops and restaurants are great, with the decor catering to the higher end client. Prices are reasonable, as far as boutique shopping goes, and it is a classy neighborhood in which to live. 

There are some apartments in the area, but not nearly as much as the nearby downtown district. The residents in the area are less mobile than the students in the downtown district.

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