St. Lawrence Toronto Real Estate

The St. Lawrence area of downtown Toronto is a former industrial area that has been redeveloped into a residential neighbourhood. There's a retail and commercial area in it that offers restaurants, cafes, and hotels, among other options. There's also a large vendor market there, where you can get almost anything you can think of. It's an indoor market, so you can shop there any time of year. It prompts some people to call the neighbourhood St. Lawrence Market, although that's not the community's official name. There's a community association located in the neighbourhood, along with some amazing architecture.

The Flatiron building and its unique, wedge shape is one of the landmarks of the community. While some of the older buildings have been removed in order to make way for newer developments, there are still many older buildings standing in the area. On Front Street, you'll find a large collection of restaurants to choose from, along with two different performing arts houses. There's something for everyone in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. If you're looking for a place to live there, you'll find options for renting or purchasing. Prices in most of the downtown area have a median of around $430,000, and St. Lawrence is no exception.

Once you've found the place you're looking for, it's time to furnish and decorate it. That can give you a great excuse to get out and explore the community while looking for shops that have what you need. There are many little stores available in and around St. Lawrence, where you can select some unique items that will help to make your house a home. By doing that, you'll be able to get settled in and feel comfortable in your new neighbourhood in no time. While you're out shopping, don't forget to check out the restaurants and parks, too.

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