St. James Town Toronto Real Estate

In the downtown area of Toronto, you'll find the neighbourhood of St. James Town. It's in the northeast corner of the main part of downtown, and is the largest high-rise community anywhere in Canada. There are nearly 20 high-rise buildings there, and all of them were originally built in the 1960s. There's some disagreement on how many people live in the community, with estimates ranging from 17,000 to 25,000. It's a very densely populated area of the city. A public library branch and a community center were constructed in the area recently, opening in 2004. You can also find Rose Avenue public school in the neighbourhood.

While it's mostly a residential area, there are a few businesses that share the community's space. There are pharmacies, a grocery store, convenience stores, a food bank, a cafe, and a community youth council. That's great news for the people who live in the area, because they can walk to most of what they need on a daily basis, like food, medication, or a bite to eat at a quiet place. While a number of the residents are on the lower end of the income scale, St. James Town is a great place to live if you have a small budget.

There are also parks and green spaces close by, and you're not far from other areas of downtown where you can shop for anything you can't find right in your neighbourhood. Prices for homes there start below $300,000, and even people who don't have very big budgets can find a place to live. Once you've found your great new place, exploring the community can help you feel at home and give you a sense of belonging. That's a good way to start getting settled in and feeling more comfortable in your new neighbourhood.

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