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When it comes to moving to Ontario, you'll find that almost all cities are booming with life and business, making Ontario a great place to move to. You might, however, find it difficult to choose the best city to move to. Let's take a quick look at the many reasons for you to consider moving to Scarborough. From great places to eat to plenty of family activities for you and your loved to take part in, Scarborough is the place to be.

Places to Eat

There are so many places for you to grab a bite to eat in Scarborough. Whether you're looking for fast food or fine dining, Scarborough has it all. Some of the more notable places to stop in and eat at include:

  • Lin Garden
  • Anjappar Chettinad
  • Remely's
  • Zen Japanese
  • Gourmet Malaysia
  • Mandalay
  • Prague

Parks and Trails

Whether you're by yourself or you have your kids with you, there are plenty of parks and trails in Scarborough for you all to enjoy family time together. Some of the best ones to visit when living in Scarborough include:

  • Birkdale Park
  • Bluffer's Park
  • Doris McCarthy Trail
  • Kidstown Water Playground
  • L'Amoreaux Park
  • Milliken Park
  • Morningside Park
  • Rosetta McCain Garden

Family Hot Spots

Other hot spots and local attractions to make sure you and your family don't miss out on are:

  • Thomson Memorial Park
  • The Guild Inn Gardens
  • Woodie Wood Chucks
  • Wonders of the Earth
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Mega Fun 4 Kids

Average Selling Price of Homes in Scarborough

If you're thinking of buying a home in Scarborough, you'll need several hundred thousand dollars. Most homes start out upward of $400,000.

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