Riverdale Toronto Real Estate

Riverdale is a community within Toronto that's surrounded by parks and is a thriving part of the outer core of the city. Just outside downtown, the community has dedicated itself to the arts by building a series of independent galleries set amongst beautiful Edwardian homes and Victorian-style residences. Some of the original homes built over 100 years ago still exist, but the area has also seen much new development. 

One of the most delicious features of living in Riverdale is the enclave of ethnic restaurants that line the streets. Some of the best Greek food in the city is available in Riverdale as well as delicious Asian food from little shops and cafes. The area is also known as the home base for many movie studios that sit along the waterfront section near the south side of the community. 

The price of homes in Riverdale tends to vary significantly based upon the structure, its age, and its amenities. A variety of mid-rise condos sit along the south edge of Riverdale that tend to sell at prices right around $500,000. Additionally, there are several homes in the million-plus range within areas of recent development that are usually of significant size of five bedrooms or more. 

The expanse of Lake Ontario sits just to the south of Riverdale, but some of its best treasures are inside the community's borders. The neighborhood has three major parks within it including Riverdale Park, Withrow Park, and Jimmy Simpson Park. Each of these locations features extensive recreation facilities and beautiful green space. 

The tree-lined streets of Riverdale are a terrific place to raise a family or to live close to work in Downtown Toronto or along the waterfront. Many residents and shop owners in Riverdale have lived in the area for a long time, so the community is friendly and established.

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