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You can find the Regent Park neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, Canada. It's among the oldest of the city's neighbourhoods, and was formerly a central part of the Cabbagetown neighbourhood. The 69 acres that make up the area were originally all social housing, and now there is a mix of that and newer residential options. A major redesign and redevelopment project began in 2005, and it will create double the number of housing units in the area. The streets will also be redesigned so that Regent Park will flow with the rest of the city more easily, and make it much easier for people who live there to get to other areas.

It's projected that the work will be finished in 2015, so the majority of it has already been completed. That's good news for anyone who wants to move into the area, since there are so many great options now. The median home price in Regent Park is around $430,000, with options under $200,000 all the way up through $600,000 and higher. No matter what your budget, there are probably options for you in the neighbourhood. With all the redevelopment, you'll find that you're close to everything you could need and want, as well.

Parks and green spaces are excellent places to take your kids to play, walk your dog, or just sit and relax on a bench or in the grass. You can often meet some of your neighbors there, too, so you can get to know them and make friends in your new community. Once you've found the right place for you, exploring the shops around the area can help you get started on furniture and decor. Whether your style is modern and eclectic or it's classic and timeless, there are great items for you to put into your new home.

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