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The Port Lands neighbourhood, on the eastern side of Toronto, is home to both industrial and recreational endeavors. It's just southeast of the downtown area, right on the Don River and Ashbridge's Bay. Most of the heavy industry that was in the Port Lands in the past is now gone, but there are still cruise terminals and shipping ports there. There's also a power plant, and plans are in the works to create a new facility that will make biodiesel. That can help bring even more business back to the area and further develop that area of the city.

There are more than just industrial businesses in the Port Lands, though. It's also a popular place for recreation because it's right on the water. There are boating marinas and a bird sanctuary there at the Leslie Street Spit. You can also find Cherry Beach, which is similar to Toronto Islands in that it offers a long, pristine beach area to be enjoyed by both residents and visitors. Even though most of what is around the beach is vacant industrial land, the beach itself is amazing and an excellent place to spend the day when the days are long and the weather is warm.

Some businesses are located in the Port Lands area, as well. You can find the T & T Supermarket there, along with the Docks Waterfront Entertainment Complex and the Intelligarde International security company. Pinewood Toronto Studios has recently been built there, too, replacing an unused Esso oil storage facility. As the area continues to develop, more businesses will move into the community. That will benefit the residents and visitors who like to go to the beach, and will also help the Port Lands neighbourhood bring more revenue into the city of Toronto. All of the residents will benefit from that development.

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