Pape Village Toronto Real Estate

The East York area of Toronto is home to a number of neighbourhoods, including Pape Village. It's a mostly commercial area, and has restaurants, shops, and personal services. When the name for the area was first used, it referred only to the business location along the main street. Over time, though, real estate agents and marketers began referring to the residential area around it as Pape Village, as well. That name has started to stick, and now there are commercial and residential areas that use the name. There are more than 100 businesses there, making shopping for almost anything you can think of very convenient.

Most of the buildings in the Pape Village area are from the 1940s and 1950s, and that's true of both the commercial and residential areas. In 2003, the city began a campaign to help businesses in the area improve the look of their buildings and make them more modern. Many of the homes there have also been revamped, which has increased the property values. Like many areas of Toronto, the homes in the Pape Village community can be found for less than $400,000, or can rise much higher than that. There are plenty of options, allowing people who want to live in the area to have a number of choices.

After you've found your house in the Pape Village area, you can focus on furnishing and decorating it. With such a high number of shops around, you shouldn't have any trouble locating some great items that will really fit with your personal style. Whether you like things that are modern and eclectic, or you prefer classic and timeless pieces, there are a number of options you can explore. Then you'll be able to have a place you feel comfortable with, and you'll feel right at home.

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