Ottawa Real Estate

If you are considering a move to Ottawa, the Capital city of Canada, the waterways, parks, tourism and international business opportunities will make the decision process easy for you. It's a beautiful city, the fourth largest in Canada, and it is nestled between the Rideau, Ottawa and Canada Rivers. With cultural events, a thriving convention centre, and a diverse population, people who live in Ottawa love the city and everything it has to offer. 

The primary language in Ottawa is English (50%), secondary is French (32%), and Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese combine to form the other 18%. Services throughout the city are aware of the language diversity and most service providers can accommodate people who speak any of the above languages. 

The average selling price for homes in Ottawa was $353,047 for February 2014. Condominium prices averaged $257,752 for the same month. Housing is stable in Ottawa, and prices are starting to increase slightly. 

Job opportunities in Ottawa include working at some of the biggest businesses in the world. Some of the largest employers in Ottawa include: IBM, Cisco, Ciena, ING Direct and the Supreme Court of Canada. Technology is huge in Ottawa and jobs in the technology industry are plentiful. 

With beautiful waterfront parks, a well connected bike path system, and plenty of diverse restaurants, the city of Ottawa is a great place to call home. The city is bustling and has an excellent school system with numerous higher education opportunities. 

The city of Ottawa is dedicated to individuals and families, providing high quality medical care that uses the best technology available. Those living in Ottawa have a high quality of life and enjoy all the city has to offer.

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