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While the North Toronto neighbourhood is technically in the northern part of the city in that downtown is located to the south of it, it's still in the main, central part of the city when compared with other, more outlying neighbors. It was its own town for some time, and was eventually annexed by the City of Toronto in 1912, when the city collected a number of outlying towns, cities, and rural areas, and made them all part of Toronto. That was driven by expansion, as the number of residents in Toronto was growing and they needed somewhere to go. North Toronto was a logical spot for annexation.

There is affluence in North Toronto today, which is very different from where it was in the beginning, when most of it was farmland and rural areas. Now, young families can't get enough of the area. It's close enough to everything that a family would need in the way of amenities, but yet it provides a cozy, comfortable feeling that would be more difficult to get right in the downtown core. That makes it the best of both worlds, and it's also popular with singles and retirees who are looking for a great neighbourhood to call home.

You can find a great mix of housing in the neighbourhood, too. There are homes and condos there, and more condos are being built. Eventually, that will change things over to a higher density and more people will be in the neighbourhood. If you're looking at buying a home there or you want to rent in the area, the continued development could easily help you do that. It's not just housing, though, as you'll have plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy, along with great shopping and dining. There's something to make anyone and everyone feel right at home.

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