Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada is a big decision, of course, but for many it is a very positive experience. If you are considering this, you may have a few questions. Here is what YOU need to know about moving to this beautiful, northern country.

Language – The primary language in all provinces is English. However, in Quebec, French is the “official” language and nearly 80% of residents speak this language (usually in addition to English.)

Canadian Currency – The Canadian Dollar is the form of currency in Canada. Most Canadian banks will assist you in exchanging your home currency. If you are visiting or moving near the Canadian/US border, you will find many establishments take both forms of currency.

Opening a Bank Account – Opening an account in Canada is relatively simple. In fact, US residents can open one before moving to the country. There are a number of banks that operate both north and south of the border that will make the process simple. However, if you wait until moving, it is as simple as walking in and filling out a few forms.

Healthcare – The Canadian health care system is much admired by residents in other countries. If you move to the country and establish yourself, you will have access to government-sponsored healthcare for all stages of life.

Lifestyle – Like anywhere, the lifestyle of Canadians vary from region to region. As a general rule, Canadians are very friendly and many enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities and athletics.

Take the time to read up on the area of Canada you are planning to visit or that you want to live and learn more. For many, making the move to the north is one of the best decisions possible!