MLS Listings

Working with a real estate agent you trust offers a wealth of advantages when you are searching for a new home. First, and perhaps most importantly, if you have chosen your realtor wisely, and communicated your "must haves" and wish list items successfully, you have a professional ally to take over the job of "search and assess," freeing you for other concerns. 

Secondly, in scrolling through the multiple listing service notices, professionals have access to some information that is not available to the general public. They can refine a search, narrow a geographic area, screen properties based on multiple requirements, even (in some cases) access confidential or uncirculated information. 

Professionals are bound by a strict code of ethics, but they work for you. They also have the expertise and the local knowledge needed to evaluate specific information. For instance, if a property has been on the market for an extended period of time, an agent can usually explain the reasons. Conversely, a professional often can point to a new listing as one worthy of consideration. 

Agents who are affiliated with a large agency, or who have contact with other active professionals in the area, sometimes have an inside track on properties that may become available. Depending on your own situation, you might be able to turn such knowledge into an advantage. Professionals track market trends as well as price fluctuations, generally have information on the best available financing options, and utilize their considerable experience to make your experience easier and more successful. 

The third major reason to work with an agent is that by so doing you enlist the services of another person who has a vested interest in satisfying you. Every successful real estate agent builds a following by getting down to business and ensuring that their clients are pleased with their service. The agent's commission, and their livelihood, depends on it. Ultimately, it's in your best interests to choose a professional real estate agent.