Lowertown Ottawa Real Estate

Lowertown is one of Ottawa’s most historic and culturally diverse neighbourhoods. It has seen much improvement over the past few years. It includes the bustling Byward market as well as more quite, residential parts. Lowertown has it all from heritage homes to brand-new high rise condos, parks, playgrounds and museums, shopping and restaurants and a public library.  It is a very walkable area with everything you need just steps away.  Its a lively neighbourhood with a strong sense of community. The residents enjoy  many community events throughout the year from a children’s winter festival to community clean ups and BBQs.  The historic and eclectic nature of the area makes for a very interesting walk or bike ride.  

Lowertown used to be comprised of malignly French Canadians and Irish but now is very diversely populated.  One can easy find several African, Asian, Caribbean and Lebanese businesses along Rideau Street.  New developments have occurred over the recent years taking it from a high crime, underprivileged area to a more vibrant, up and coming neighbourhood. Rideau Street and the entire market area are mainly commercial with the Northeastern section is largely residential.  

New residential structures are in the process of being built and homes are being renovated.  Lowertown is growing into a great neighbourhood to purchase a home, condo or townhouse in Ottawa.


Written By: Jillian Gray, Sales Representative



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