Top Rated Schools in Burlington

ClassroomIf top-rated schools are on your priority list for living in Burlington, there are several neighborhoods that fit the bill. Generally, schools in this lakeside city are average to better-than-average, compared to other schools in Canada, and some have earned exemplary status in nationwide rankings.

Top 12 Elementary Schools

Local elementary schools receiving top marks by The Fraser Institute, based on Grade 3 and Grade 6 test results are:

  • St. Patrick
  • Charles R.Beaudoin
  • Ascension
  • Lumen Christi
  • Canadian Martyrs
  • St. Elizabeth Seton
  • Our Lady of Fatima
  • Maplehurst
  • John T. Tuck
  • St. Raphaels
  • Pineland
  • Alexander

Secondary schools cited as exemplary include Nelson, Notre Dame and Corpus Christi.

Where to Look for Homes

A good choice for homes, because there are so many available options in terms of style and price range, is The Orchard. The first homes were built in this community in the late 1990s, so it is a young area, now numbering about 3,800 homes. Alexander Elementary School is located here, but it is a particularly good choice if you consider Catholic Schools because St. Elizabeth Seton and Corpus Christi are both in its attendance zone.

Another possibility is Elizabeth Gardens, which boasts both the top-rated elementary and secondary schools. The neighborhood has a host of other advantages to recommend it, including its location near the lake, and its convenience to shopping, public transit and main roadways.

Nelson High School also serves students who live in the Roseland neighborhood, which is near the lake as well. With large lots, mature trees, wide roads and a pleasing mix of housing, this is a favored community for families with older children. You can find a variety of older homes, rebuilds and condominiums and townhouses in this area.

Millcroft, a decidedly family-friendly community, is known for its "best" area golf course as well as highly-rated Charles R. Beaudoin Elementary School. It is a relatively new, upscale area of approximately 3,400 homes, and is sure to offer the kinds of amenities that make life enjoyable.