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Kensington Market is a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, and one of the oldest and most distinctive areas of the city. In 2006, it earned a designation as one of the National Historic Sites of Canada. With its partially outdoor market that has been photographed frequently since its original creation, it's not only a neighbourhood but a legend. There are plenty of eclectic shops, restaurants, cafes, and other retail businesses throughout the community, but the highest concentration of them is along Augusta Avenue. There are also a number of Victorian homes in the neighbourhood, providing the charm of yesteryear coupled with all the modern amenities.

The St. Stephen's Community House and the statue of Al Waxman are notable landmarks in the area, which is defined by its paths, nodes, edges, and districts. Food stores that specialize in a variety of different things are the most commonly seen retail shops in the area. There are also stores where you can buy surplus and discount clothing, along with a number of other thrift-store types of items. Restaurants are popular there, too, and you can find just about anything in the Kensington Market community. Recently, there have been a lot of upscale clubs, cafes, and restaurants moving into the area.

That has displaced some of the older businesses, as the area is constantly changing and developing. If you want to live in the Kensington Market area, you can find a home there for a median price of $440,000. There are homes that cost less than that, of course, so you can get into the neighbourhood even if you don't have a large budget. With prices that also rise considerably higher than the median, there are some elegant, lovely homes you can really appreciate there. They can provide you with a wonderful area to live in and help you feel right at home.

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