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A charmingly small town that sits along the western shore of Lake Simcoe, the town of Innisfil offers the promise of a rural lifestyle and a peaceful way of life. Recent encroachment from the Greater Toronto Area has meant recent expansion and improvements within and around Innisfil, which should offer some incredible opportunities for work, play, and family life in the next decade. 

The history of the area spans a few centuries and the name Innisfil comes from an old name for Ireland. With around 33,000 residents currently residing in Innisfil and the surrounding tiny communities, the area might seem small, but it saw some appreciable growth in the last decade. The Innisfil township includes many friendly neighborhoods like Stroud, Alcona, Lefoy, and Killarney. 

New houses in Innisfil in classic bungalow designs or modern brick styles mean that getting a house that's brand new or just a few years old is certainly possible. Newly built houses near the water, which offer around 2,000 square feet, often sell for around $400,000, which is a wonderful price for real estate that's so close to Lake Simcoe. Humbler homes built in the middle of the last century are also available for just a few hundred thousand. 

Residents also have the opportunity to purchase hobby farms or large properties with extensive grounds that may sell for anywhere from $550,000 to around $700,000 and up. In addition, the area also has some brand new developments worth over a million dollars that often have at least five bedrooms and many luxuries usually found in major metropolitan areas. 

One of the most popular activities for residents around Innisfil is shopping for antiques. The area around Cookstown, which is just to the southwest of Innisfil, features many fun specialty stores as well as an outlet mall and a yearly fair. Residents of Innisfil also have easy access to water activities, lakeside country clubs, and other water-related pursuits around Lake Simcoe.

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