Different Types of House Construction

Knowing the different types of construction available makes a difference when deciding what type of dwelling you wish to purchase or reside. There are a number of distinctions between dwellings that may not be the right fit for everyone. When working with a real estate professional, being able to tell them the type of place you desire can make your search a lot easier. Here are the general types of housing to determine which would be best for you:


This is also known as a duplexes in Toronto. It is a standard house that has been split into two different living spaces. Each side is independent of the other while sharing the same general outside structure.


This is short for condominium, and can either mean an apartment within an entire complex or a townhome within an entire townhome complex. This term is generally used when speaking about high-rise apartments and buildings in relation to Downtown Toronto or Downtown Ottawa Real Estate markets.


Townhomes are rowhouses that generally have two or three storeys, depending on the location and construction. Each storey is separated by a flight of stairs.


A sidesplit is a split-level house that has levels visible from the front. The entire length of the house runs parallel to the street.


A backsplit is a split-level house that looks like a single storey house from the front, but is not.

2 Storeys

A traditional house with a main and upper floor of the same size separated by a flight of stairs. This is also called a double storey home.


A detached house that is single storey. This style of home is very popular in the suburbs of Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Barrie.


Another term for apartment.