Short Term Leases Address Myriad Corporate Concerns

The burgeoning availability of furnished short term rentals in major metropolitan areas is injecting a breath of fresh air into the temporary housing market, in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and other major cities worldwide. It's such a simple idea -- and so absolutely logical that it's a wonder it took as long as it has to catch on as a popular alternative to booking hotel stays.

Homes and condominiums with convenient locations, stylish furnishings and some of the amenities of home are now widely available for lease from a few days to a few months. Business travelers appreciate the privacy and the personable surroundings, the ability to relax and unwind in comfort, and the ease with which personal tastes and habits can be satisfied and accommodated.

Catering to Individual Needs

Midnight snacks? No problem. Dietary restrictions? Easily handled. Quirky schedules? Okay. A need to entertain local acquaintances periodically? Informal gatherings in a homey atmosphere can cement a relationship, seal a deal, or simply provide a break from formal and expensive dinners out.

Traveling with young children? The ability to simulate a home routine is a lifesaver for a family that must be away from home for an extended period of time.

Corporate travel coordinators acknowledge the increase in employee "happiness quotients" when executives can escape the confinement of a hotel atmosphere. And relocation planners sing the praises of short-term furnished residences for house-hunting families.

Reasonable Rates

The rates are comparable, as well, to long-term hotel stays; most leasing companies offer flexibility in pricing, with occasional bonus offers or discounts for extended stays. Large corporations with numerous consultants or executives on temporary duty, can benefit from contracts for multiple units, or from comprehensive contract plans that cover multiple locations.

This is a market segment that has a bright future; as the needs increase, it will be interesting to see the future direction of short-term furnished residential leasing options. For now, it is sufficient to know that such choices exist. There are many sources for obtaining information about various programs in popular locations, whether you are a potential user of the service or you own a property to place in a rental pool.