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Perched on the north side of Brampton, the community of Heart Lake rests against the Heart Lake Conservation Area and is at the outer edge of the Greater Toronto Area. Many spacious golf courses and areas of farmland sit north of the community. The neighborhood also offers easy access to many recreational facilities connected to Heart Lake and the surrounding sports fields and picnic areas. 

Within the Heart Lake community, a new housing development near the intersection of Heart Lake Road and Bovaird Drive is underway that features stylish new townhouses likely to sell for around $340,000 and up. The new development is scheduled to include over 350 units, which will bring many new families into the neighborhood. 

Existing homes around Heart Lake vary in price significantly based upon age, size, and amenities. Large homes of four or five bedrooms may be listed for around $600,000 to $700,000 while humbler starter homes may be listed for around $400,000. Around the northern part of the development are several new single-family homes located on wide, peaceful streets with sidewalks and a perfect atmosphere for families. 

The Heart Lake Conservation Area is a major draw for locals who want to have fun outside during the summer with fishing, swimming, and hiking opportunities. The area also features additional parks and recreational areas for residents like Lakelands Village Park and Rosepac Park, in addition to many open spaces and parks that are perfect for family gatherings. 

Residents have easy access to work around Brampton and the community is also only a short drive away from the Toronto Airport, as well as the recreational shoreline of Lake Ontario. Heart Lake is the perfect area for families who want the suburban lifestyle that's also close to the rural beauty of the Ontario countryside and all of the nature pursuits north of the metropolitan area.

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