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In the downtown area of Toronto, just to the west of the University, is the neighbourhood of Harbord Village. There are a number of students and faculty members there, because of the proximity to the University of Toronto. There are nearly 6,000 people who call the area home, and they're close to all kinds of great things that the community has to offer. You can find a home in the area for a reasonable price, as homes there start under $300,000. Of course, you can also spend much more for some of the available offerings. Many people who live there rent, and that's especially true of the students.

The area was called Sussex-Ulster until 2000, when the residents' association decided to rename the neighbourhood after the main street running through it. Some people also call it South Annex because of its proximity to and location relative to The Annex neighbourhood. The community developed late in the 19th century, and continued to grow from that point forward. While it's not a large community, there's plenty to do in and around it. The parks and green spaces there are popular choices for people who like to be close to nature, and they're good places to meet your neighbors, too.

You're also not far from shopping and dining options, so if you decide to make Harbord Village your home you won't have far to travel to find furniture and decor for your new place. That can help you get settled in and let you feel more at home. While you're out, don't forget to check out the great restaurants and cafes that are near the area, so you can get a good meal and have some time to relax and start getting used to the community. It's a very comfortable and welcoming area of town.

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