Haliburton Real Estate

Haliburton Highlands begins in the north from Dorset, including Kawagama Lake, Haliburton’s largest lake. In the town of Haliburton is Head Lake which makes for a picturesque entry to this cottage country village. Drag Lake, Kashagawigamog, Kennisis and Redstone are four of the larger lakes, while Moose, Eagle (home of Sir Sam’s Inn and Ski resort), Maple and Grass are lovely smaller lakes that still offer boating and lovely summer and year round lake homes. Most lakes in Haliburton have a limestone base so are very clear and clean; offering great swimming, boating, and watersports.  There are some grand lodges like Sir Sam’s Inn, Wigamog, Bonnie View, Pinestone (a Delta resort) offering great golfing and dining.  The landscape in Haliburton is very rugged with huge granite outcroppings and densely wooded forest. 

The village of Haliburton is home to the famous Haliburton School of Fine Arts that runs exceptional art course during the summertime, bringing in famous artists to teach their craft from all over the world.  Haliburton has a beautiful high school with a gorgeous theatre where productions are performed year round.  Whether you are into boating and want a larger lake, or canoeing and kayaking, there is a lake suited to your needs and desires.  Haliburton also prides itself on the number of home grown NHL hockey players have lived and work within this community.  Ron Stackhouse, Bernie Nichols and Walt McKecknie and Glen Sharpley have forged their business careers here.  It is a great hockey community, as well as wintertime skiing, fishing, and generally a laid back, beautiful area for your summer home or cottage.

Written By Sally Sisco, Sale Representative