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The Grange Park neighbourhood is located in downtown Toronto, and is close to Chinatown and Kensington. The Grange Park public park is located in the community, which is how the neighbourhood got its name. The area is primarily residential, with both high-end and lower-priced housing options. Since it was created it has been an elite area, a working-class neighbourhood, and gone through several other transitions. It's now mostly residential, with some commercial and retail businesses scattered throughout the area. There are mansions, semi-detached homes, and cottages available, with some of the buildings converted so they could be used commercially.

Art galleries, eclectic shops, cafes, and other establishments can be easily found in the community, making it convenient for the residents there. The University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art& Design are both close by, so a number of the houses in Grange Park are rented to students. There are just over 9,000 people who call the community home, and if you're looking to buy a house there you can find one in a wide range of prices. You can spend more than $1 million on a mansion, but you can also buy a little cottage for less than $300,000.

There's something for nearly everyone in the neighbourhood, and once you find the place that seems right to you, it's time to start exploring all that the Grange Park community has to offer. The park itself is an excellent place to go when you want to relax and enjoy nature, and it's fun to watch people and meet some of your neighbors, too. Of course, there are plenty of great stores where you can shop for furniture and decor for your new place, as well. You want to find something that reflects your style, and before you know it you'll be feeling right at home.

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