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The Fort York neighbourhood is located in the west end area of Toronto. It's also known as Garrison to the locals in the city, and is a 20 acre space. It used to be industrial lands before the site was changed over to residential and commercial buildings. As a historical area, it's one that has undergone careful redevelopment. Large towers were built to house a number of apartments, with retail space on the bottom floors. There were also stacked townhouses built, with a combined total of nearly 6,000 units. While not a large neighbourhood in size, it does house a number of residents.

The commercial and retail spaces on the bottom floors of the towers and located in other areas throughout the community are great places to shop for anything you might need. It's very convenient for the residents, who don't have to leave their neighbourhood to get what they want. In some cases, they don't even have to leave their buildings. There are also parks and green spaces in Fort York, along with public areas where neighbors can gather and enjoy the beautiful area. It's a good place to take a stroll and get a snack, or to shop for anything you need for your home.

If you decide to buy in the Fort York neighbourhood, you can find homes for less than $300,000 or spend slightly more for a larger apartment or townhouse. It's all down to your budget and exactly what you're looking for in a new place to live. There are many great choices throughout the area, so you'll be able to find a place that feels like home to you. Then, shopping for decor for it will be easy, since everything is so close by and you won't need to travel to other areas of the city to get what you're looking for.

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