Forest Hill Toronto Real Estate

Forest Hill is a very affluent neighborhood in Toronto, and one of the wealthiest areas of the city. With an average sales price around $4 million, homes in the area are large and beautiful, with the expected high-end features and amenities that come with that price point. Most homes are detached, but there are a few townhouses in Forest Hill, as well. Landscaping is generally along the same lines as the houses, and is well-maintained. A number of the homes have unique landscaping options that are not only expensive but mature and high-quality. This helps enforce the upscale look of the area. 

There's plenty to do in and around Forest Hill. Since it's part of Toronto, you don't have to travel far to get anything you might want. Despite that, the exclusivity and quality of the neighborhood provides it with a cozy feel that's more removed from what you would typically get in the big city. Having everything you need within close proximity but being able to enjoy the peace and quiet of a great neighborhood is part of the reason people love calling Forest Hill home. It provides them with the best of both worlds, no matter what they're looking for. 

Shopping and dining are close by, whether you're looking for something traditional or want a more eclectic, modern touch. Furnishing your new home can be done through the retailers in the Toronto area, many of whom cater to the people who live in Forest Hill by providing high-quality furniture options that can be purchased at the store or ordered in other fabrics, colors, and styles. You can also get a great meal at a local restaurant, whether you want something casual or you're looking for an elegant dinner to celebrate your new place. Forest Hill is a wonderful place to call home.

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