Executive Furnished Rentals: Is Finding Suitable Lodging an Impossible Dream?

Sometimes an extended stay in a city away from home is necessary, whether dictated by business or personal reasons. Rather than the impersonal surroundings of a hotel room, many business firms select the option of temporary furnished rentals for their key executives and busy professionals. For families facing relocation to a new city, such arrangements allow them to experience the "flavor" of a new locale, begin a search for permanent housing, and settle in to a semblance of normal life in an unfamiliar location.

Agencies in both Toronto and Ottawa cater to meeting the needs of those who prefer comfortable, residential surroundings to the impersonal and sterile surroundings of a hotel. Even a luxury hotel can be confining and "public" for an extended stay. Many travelers, executives included, prefer to eat simply and prepare meals of their own choosing rather than having to consume restaurant food for every meal. And, there is a definite appeal in the idea of "getting comfortable" for a quiet evening "at home."

Booking furnished condominiums or residential suites in lieu of hotel rooms can also be good for your business, by boosting performance and raising the level of employee satisfaction.

Rates for such accommodations are also comparable to hotel lodging.

Additional available services run the gamut from assistance with meal planning and marketing, concierge and booking service, housekeeping and even secretarial assistance.

Many corporate stay facilities offer a variety of options; not all are in high rise buildings. Sometimes, temporary lodging is available in a typical neighbourhood, ideal for a family who wants to "test drive" a lifestyle before committing to a home purchase.

Available services can include meal planning and marketing, scheduling and logistical assistance for business or personal transportation and sightseeing, and full concierge service for bookings and local information.

When you must be away from your home for an extended period of time, check on the available of custom furnished accommodations that will really meet your needs. You may never return to a hotel.