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Downsview, located in the Northern end of Toronto, is a subdivision with a diverse population and a multitude of things to do. First up is Downsview Park, where it seems every day, or at least every weekend, there is an event, or a festival, or something new to experience. In 2002, Pope John Paul II said mass in Downsview Park to help celebrate World Youth Day. Other big name entertainers have played in Downsview Park, including AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake and Rush. Downsview Park actually used to be a military base. It's comprised of 527 acres of land that has been converted to a mix of public parks, commercial use and undeveloped land. The park even has a sports centre, where leagues, pros and amateurs go to play. 

There are several planned residential communities in and around Downsview Park, including townhomes, apartment complexes and single-family homes. Residents are fortunate to be able to take advantage of biking, hiking, jogging opportunities. They also have access to a broad assortment of retail shops as well as the more practical grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. Square footage in townhomes is on the lean side, with prices ranging around $1500/month for a 711 square-foot 2-bedroom. Another recent housing development that's already been started will have almost 500 townhouses, nearly 30 single-family houses and over 500 apartments. Pricing has yet to be determined. Because Downsview has become one of the trendiest places to live, it's certain to attract many young first time homebuyers. It's accessibility to Toronto makes it an attractive bedroom community to one of Canada's most vibrant cities. Even if new homes are expensive, their value is almost certain to increase in a few years.

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