Danforth Toronto Real Estate

East of downtown Toronto is the area of Danforth, a diverse neighborhood with Greek, Muslim and South Asian Communities. With a big shopping district that is all along Danforth Avenue, the area is known for the diversity of the stores and restaurants along this street. Houses in the Danforth neighborhood are affordable, providing working class families reasonable accommodations at a price they can handle. 

The neighborhood has quite a population of young, professional artists. With the nearby Canadian Opera, the Canadian Symphony and the abundance of street festivals throughout the warmer months, professional artists have come to the area to live and work. 

Connected to the bike path that is integral throughout Toronto, Danforth is accessible by bike path and is very close to the subway system that services downtown Toronto. Transportation isn't a problem for most people living in Danforth, as residents can easily access public transportation. 

With the diversity offered in Danforth, the community is a magnet for liberal people who enjoy everything a diverse population brings. From excellent ethnic restaurants to community events to celebrate diversity, Danforth is a great area to live in. 

For people who work in downtown Toronto but are unable to afford the expensive prices of the area, Danforth is a safe alternative. 

The park system is extensive throughout Toronto and many people enjoy the hiking trails and holiday events held at the various parks. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or you like to go to the opera or theatre, Danforth is a great place to live where you can have the best of both worlds. When you need affordable housing options, check out the Danforth neighborhood to see what is for sale.

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