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The Corso Italia neighbourhood of Toronto is located in the west end of the city, and contains a lot of great shopping. There are cafes, bakeries, markets, clothing shops, shoe stores, and gelaterias. Several annual festivals are hosted in the community each year, including the Corso Italia Toronto Fiesta, which is held every July. If you want to live close to great shopping and a lot of good food, you should consider the community and the areas right around it. Many of the people who shop there live in adjoining neighbourhoods, but they walk over to get what they need.

If you want to live in Corso Italia, you can expect to spend around the same amount you would spend for the majority of Toronto neighbourhoods, many of which have a median home price of nearly $430,000. It's possible to find homes that cost less, of course, and there are also homes that are much more expensive. Renting in the neighbourhood is another great possibility, as it can help you find the place you really like before you buy something. Either way, you'll be in a great area of the city where you're close to everything and can enjoy all the wonderful amenities.

Parks and green spaces are found all throughout Toronto, and the Corso Italia area is no exception to that. When you want to walk your dog or play with your kids, a park is the perfect place. It's also a great place to just take a stroll, or even sit on a bench or lie on the grass and relax on a lovely, warm day. Hiking and biking can be fun in the summer months, and there are also winter sports to enjoy. The more you explore Corso Italia and get settled in, the more you'll find to love about the area.

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