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The Centennial Park community is located in the Etobicoke area of Toronto. That's in the northwest corner of the city, close to Pearson Airport. The Centennial Park and Golf Course is on the neighbourhood's western border, and it's a relatively large community that is often tied in with West Deane and Eringate. There are parks, malls, and schools in Centennial Park, along with a library, so there's no shortage of something to do. If you like to get out in nature and be active, or you just want to relax in a lovely green space, it's a great community to do those things.

While much of Toronto has green space in abundance, some neighbourhoods do have more than others. Centennial Park is one of those neighbourhoods. If you have children, taking them to the park is a great way for them to stay active, and they can meet other children and make friends in the area. You may make some friends, as well, among the other people who bring their children to play or just like to spend time in the parks and other green spaces around the community. There are good schools, too, where your children can get a quality education without the need to travel far.

Homes in the Centennial Park community are in the same price range as is seen in the majority of Toronto neighbourhoods. They generally start under $400,000, and rise to over $500,000, with a few exceptions. It's important to find the house that really feels like home to you. Once you've done that, you'll want to start looking for furniture and decor, and there are plenty of shops around the area for you to explore. Before you know it, you'll be settled into your new community and you'll feel right at home in Centennial Park.

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