When MoneySense published its "Top 10 Best Places to Live in Canada," two of Ontario's thriving cities, Burlington and Oakville, were ranked alongside other locales in the country. To residents of these communities, this fact is no surprise, and those who are looking to relocate to or within Ontario may wish to consider these growing communities.

Thriving Economy in Burlington

Burlington's strategic location is part of what is fueling its success, and the reason it took fourth on the top 10 list. Located in the Golden Horseshoe, a highly industrialized region of Ontario, Burlington enjoys a central location. Here the Burlington Art Centre and Spencer Smith Park provide activities all year long. For nature lovers, the Royal Botanical Gardens and its myriad of birds, is another huge attraction of the area. Real estate options in Burlington include everything from historic, million-dollar estates to condos and apartments in luxury high-rise buildings.

Wealth and Prosperity in Oakville

Oakville took the sixth spot in the Top 10 list, and it is one of Canada's richest cities. A thriving economy is one of the reasons it is considered a top community. As home of the Oakville Blue Devils and the Oakville Soccer Club, the country's largest, the community is one that loves its sports. It also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, like the Waterfront Festival, For the Love of the Arts Festival and the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival, to keep residents engaged and visitors entertained.

Because of the affluence of the people who live in Oakville, it is not known for its affordable properties. Properties here are quite luxurious, whether you are shopping for a single-family estate or a condominium, but they also have high property values. Yet for those who call Oakville home, high property values are simply another benefit of living in the economically strong community.