Broadview North Toronto Real Estate

The Broadview North neighbourhood is located in the Old East York area of Toronto. There are a number of high-rise buildings there, and most people rent. The northern part of the community has a lot of two-story bungalows that can be purchased, so there are homeowners in the neighbourhood, as well. The housing prices are low there, with options available for less than $300,000. That's important for those who are looking to own homes but who may not have big budgets, and for those who like the neighbourhood but don't want to rent and would prefer to own.

The community is close to a lot of other areas where shopping and dining are popular, so you're not far from plenty of amenities if you choose to buy a home in the area. It won't take you long to get to the downtown core, where all the action is, and then you can return home and avoid the hustle and bustle that you would otherwise find in the main areas of the city. That's one of the ways that the Broadview North neighbourhood gives you the best of both worlds. You don't have to live right in the busy part of the city to enjoy all the amenities.

There are also parks and green spaces close by, so you can get out and enjoy nature. Those are great places to play with your children or walk your dogs, and it can be nice just to take a stroll or rest and relax after a long day. Parks are good places to meet other people, too, so you can start getting to know your neighbors and making friends in your new community. Before you know it, you'll be settled into the Broadview North area and be feeling right at home in your new place.

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