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In the East York area of Toronto is the neighbourhood of Bermondsey. It's an industrial area, named through the road that runs through the center of it. The entire area developed in the 1950s and 1960s as another place in the city where industry could be created. Trucking became very commonplace at that time, so industrial areas didn't have to be right next to shipyards and railways. That gave the city the opportunity to have more industry, since the areas that housed it could really be anywhere. Manufacturing in the area has declined recently, but there are still a number of companies that have operations in Bermondsey.

Two hundred companies are there, and they employ nearly 7,000 people. Only half of those are doing manufacturing and industrial jobs. The others work in retail, offices, non-profit, and warehouses. Habitat for Humanity Toronto is there, along with the Peek Freans cookie factory. You can also find Bell Canada and Epitome Pictures in the Bermondsey area. If you're looking for a place to start up a business, especially if that business involves manufacturing or industry, the area can be a great place to do that. It's home to older buildings, but they have been well kept and can suit smaller companies very well.

While having a business in Bermondsey isn't for everyone, there are a number of manufacturing companies that are very comfortable with the facilities there. They employ people from the local area, and some workers commute across Toronto in order to get to the Bermondsey area so they can get involved in the manufacturing of a number of different things. There are great neighbourhoods close to the Bermondsey area, with nice places to live. If you're going to be working in the industrial area, there are plenty of close by places where you can feel right at home.

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