Angus / Base Borden Real Estate

Nearly 10,000 people call the Angus / Base Borden area home. Many of them are military families, but there are others who live in the area, as well. The area is located just 15 miles from Barrie, so it's an easy drive for people who are looking for the amenities that can be found in a larger town. Base Borden is a comfortable place to be, and the town of Angus is located just outside of its gates. That makes Angus perfect for military personnel and their families, along with those who support the military and want to provide resources and support to the base. 

The climate in the area provides warm spring and fall weather, with hot summers and cold winters. Getting all four seasons makes it a great place to explore nature and get involved with all types of outdoor sports and activities. The proximity to Georgia Bay means you're never far from the water, either, and can get the lovely humidity that comes from being close to a bay or other large body of water. Buying a home in Angus can be accomplished for less than $160,000, or you can spend up to $419,000 for a larger home with more space. 

The choice is up to you, and there are many great options for homes in the Angus / Base Borden area. Once you find the home that's right for you, it's time to get settled in and start furnishing and decorating your new place. With the local shops available and the proximity to Barrie and Toronto, you're sure to find everything you need to make your new house really feel like home. While you're out shopping, explore the parks and green spaces around the town or stop in and have a fine meal at a local restaurant. Those are great ways to get comfortable in your new community.

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