Moving to Canada from USA

For someone moving from the United States to Canada, there are many things that must be considered. Although the countries are neighbors, there are several differences that are worth putting some thought into before deciding to make the transition. Despite this, moving to Canada is less stressful than moving to other countries since the two countries are similar in other ways. Here are some of the main things Americans who are considering moving to Canada should know before they start looking for a house in the beautiful north.

Canada Uses the Metric System

The main system of measurement for Americans is the English system. In Canada, the main system of measurement is the metric system. Converting everything from ounces and pounds to grams and kilograms is easy once you know how. Plus, there are smartphone apps and computer programs that will do it for you. The metric system is everywhere in Canada, so to live there, it's best to get used to the conversions.

Differences in Freedom

For many Americans, it can be difficult to grasp the idea of living in a country that is not governed by the constitution but in Canada we have a similar doctrine called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you are moving to the country, it pays to learn about the legalities and freedoms, but for most  people, the differences are very subtle and seldom come into play.

Immigrating to Canada

Since Canada is a foreign country, you need to be granted permission to live there, unless you move there with a Canadian spouse or have family living there as Canadian citizens. If you don't have a spouse or family there, you must be qualified to perform a job that Canada needs additional people to do. There is a "point system" for being granted permission to permanently move to Canada on this basis. You can get points for speaking fluent English and/or French, for every year of higher education you have under your belt, for every year of work experience in the desired field of employment, and so forth. If you accrue enough points, Canada will let you move there. For many, moving is not as difficult as it may seem at first.