Where will you Find the Best Cheesecake in Toronto?

08 September 2017
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Where will you Find the Best Cheesecake in Toronto?

Posted by Jan Wrobel on Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 2:42pm.

Cheesecake - Image Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/users/sharonang-99559/

Cheesecake is an amazing dessert option, but it's not always the same. Some restaurants provide excellent, home-made cheesecake, while others don't. Here's a look at a few of the top spots in Toronto for the most amazing cheesecake you will ever taste.


With a rich, delicious cheesecake bursting with flavour, Dufflet is a great choice for your next dessert. They provide flavours, such as chocolate grand marnier, sour cherry, toffee apple, blueberry lemon, pecan fudge and more. They even have one of the best New York style cheesecakes you will find in the city.

Wanda's Pie in the Sky

Known for the amazing pies, Wanda also provides incredible cheesecakes. They are rich, creamy and full of amazing flavours. You can choose from cherry chocolate, chocolate truffle, cappuccino, chocolate peanut butter mouse and plenty of seasonal choices.

Uncle Tetsu

This Japanese spot provides some of the finest Japanese cheesecake you will find in Toronto. The light, fluffy texture will have you coming back for more and even though these are plain cheesecakes, there is nothing plain about the flavour.

Carole's Cheesecake

A place specializing in cheesecake, Carole's provides some of the finest in the city. You can enjoy a New York cherry cheesecake, many other flavours and even a low sugar chocolate marble choice. Some of the flavours found at Carole's you won't find anywhere else.

Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery

Known mainly for the New York cheesecakes and the gluten-free options, Andrea's is a great spot for cheesecake. You will find a variety of flavours here.

Other top Toronto spots for cheesecake include:

All of these places provide some of the finest cheesecake you will ever taste. Stop by any one of these locations whenever you are craving cheesecake and you won't be disappointed.