Home Styles and Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

08 September 2017
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Home Styles and Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Posted by Jan Wrobel on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at 10:09am.

Home Styles and Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Choosing to live in Ottawa can provide you with some of the very best living amenities and neighbourhoods. The area is diverse with a wide range of home styles, numerous types of communities, and a growing economy. If you are in the market to buy real estate here, do not overlook the beauty and value of buying a home in an area you haven't spent much time in before. In other words, get to know the whole region before you settle in. There are some treasures located throughout this region.

Where to Live

Ottawa offers various community options. The Downtown area is one of the more culturally diverse communities and the biggest area for economic development. If you want to live in the downtown area, you likely will find condos and townhomes of all types to choose from, though some neighbourhoods do offer single-family homes here. Moving outward from this area, you will also find a wide range of smaller areas including those with ample amenities, larger lots, and incredible, custom designs. Keep in mind that the entire region is modern with good schools and exceptional job opportunities.

Types of Homes Here

Ottawa homes for sale range widely. However, about 70% of the homes here are single family, traditional style houses. Most of the remaining 30% are condos. It is less likely that you will find other types of homes (such as apartment complexes.) About 60% of the homes here are detached homes, though row houses, as well as semi-detached homes also exist in this community. Are you looking for a deal? Be sure to factor in the size of homes. The older the home the more likely it will be smaller on a smaller lot.

Ottawa's real estate market is quite diverse and it continues to grow and change. With so much opportunity, though, you will find the area has something that fits your family's needs.